Sunday, January 6, 2013


Well I know its been a bit dry here lately but there is a good reason for that.... I haven't been doing anything! Well thats not entirely true I have been up to a bit but nothing worth write home about as such. So on July 6th 2012 I undertook my second shoulder operation the operation involved a right shoulder revision posterosuperior repair and decompression, supraspinatus repair and soft tissue decompression of the subacromial space. If you are like me and don't have a clue what that means then I will explain it to you like my surgeon explained it to me …. its Fucked! So with that taking up 6 months of my life I am now back on the West Coast living and trying to find a job. So if you have and jobs going anywhere let me know I am all ears! Here are a few snaps of what has been going on I have been back in my boat for about two weeks now and working my way back up. Stay tuned for some more regular updates. Chur

First day back in the boat 

Life is good on the Karamea
( Jump over to my videos page to check out the Karamea in action)

A bit of Gopro Action

A screen grab from Postmans on the upper kakas 

Giving the mail some air. One of the best flows 

For people that have paddled on the West Coast or been here they will know it can rain a bit here are some picture the latest downpour 

The Whanganui River pumping 

The "Vally"

For people that have paddle the styx river this is the road to it 

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