Monday, July 13, 2009

Mountain Days

I think I may have had one of the best week snowboarding. First it started at mount Lyford where the days menu was powder with a dump of around 50cm the night before how could we resist. Getting up the mount with Scotty’s old lady’s truck with road tires on was a piece of piss and with the thought of staying the night in Hamner that night and a dip in the hot pools we just new she was going to be a ripper. As first thought the day did turn out to be one of the better ones I have had I think this was because of the hottest lifty i have ever seen. You know those chicks you see up the mount that look hot but you don’t know if they are hot, the boys know what i mean. Well she was hot, a great tan and oooo boy as for the body holey s%#t .Scotty summed her up in words of Alf Stewart “flaming crows, she’s a cracker”. The day was then topped off with a few ales or five and a cheeky dip in the hot pools.

Porters was the next steep on Friday and then again on Monday. Porters again offered some more grate riding i hadn’t been to porters for quite some time so a newish field and grate snow what more could you ask for, well I suppose a hot lifty would have topped it off but hey beggars can’t be choosers . On Friday it had been a skied out a bit but with a dump on Sunday night allowed for some good riding on the Monday.