Thursday, September 11, 2008


On rare occasions, being a student has its advantages. Sure sitting in the lounge breathing steam, (because heating costs money) and having to check your account just to get a coffee are not massively inspiring. However, on the upside for us as Rec students is the fact that here at CPIT there is a little known fund, to which every student at the polytech contributes. This fund exists solely to give money to students for extra currcular activities. Consequently, to access this fund all one has to do is apply to the friendly people at CPSA and providing they approve... has everyone figured out where this rambling explanation is going yet? Thats right. West coast on!!!We started off with some bad news, one car had issues with the brakes, and in our car Jamie found a big split in his boat. But we didn't let this stop us at all, Gus traded cars with Soph and Jamie had an attempt at fixing his boat at the trusty dairy factory in Hokitika.Once our problems were sorted we hiked into the Styx for a quicky at low water.This was the first trip down the Styx of many for Sanga as he discovered the joy of more rocks then water and sphincter tightening lines!On Sunday we gave Dando a call and flew into the Arahura for once again low water, this offered less push but tighter lines for the day. But with calm but overcast weather, we were in for a primo day.

West Coast shuttle

the put in

but but on the first drop of the day

the low dent falls

thats y its called dent falls jordy going center on billiards


jamie rockn billiards

these next shots are me stokn billiards

jordy on cesspool
All in all it was a mean weekend with heaps of sweet lines and only a couple of minor mishaps. Thanks to the CPSA for hooking us up with some funding and Soph for lending the sentrizz for another choice coast trip!