Tuesday, January 8, 2008


Well 2008 rolled around and our place to be this new year was Akaroa, were we had to batches to choose from one in Duvcheles and the other in Akaroa, with two jet skis and a boat their was bound to trouble, on arriving on the 29th Baxter was real keen to get me on his new jet ski (that I mite add dose 116km). That evening was spent ripping it up it around on the biscuit and as all ways high speeds, witch resulted in this.............

Day 2 was spent bumming around on a sun-baked beach and 6 hours of biscuit, wake boarding, and water skiing. That night 8 of us sat down and had a few drinks a key in fact and that is pretty much what happened four the next five days. Boating the day and drinking by night. Well I cant be bugged writing an more they say pictures say a thousands words so hears some pictures 4 you to cheek out,