Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Kid With The Huge Heart

My first North island trip started off In the summer of 08 when I pulled into the Wairor river parking lot upon getting changed this tall blond hair joker comes up to myself and Sam and says “ you fullers going for a run, mind if I join”.. “sure “ I am shocking at remembering   people’s names so we jumped on and down we went at the take out I remember this “guy” being full of life and just so stoked and I was thinking to myself man this guy has energy. So as the summer rolled it was back to studying at cpit the first day involves the whole course getting together for a bit of a meet and great being the “cool” 3rd years we strutted on in to a hall packed with 200 or so people and I hear this cry of “JARED BRO” I look up and see this “GUY” and I am thinking shit, shit, name, name come to me and it did for some reason I don’t know why but it did. Simon was that “GUYS” name so I sat down and we yarned the whole way through the instructions that we were given for the day. So when it was time to move we didn’t have a clue what to do or where to go so the words that I was just about to hear next out of Simons mouth just made day “should we just go for a beer bro” my eyes light up and my smile gets bigger and bigger “fucking ay” I say, I knew from this point I had just made a bloody good mate.

What followed was a year of fun, laughter, and good boating this was all because of the presents of Mr S Davidson whether we were  talking about code, bitches( and only Simon know what I am on about here) or boating the kid had it all. I can sit here and list a million ways to describe what kind of person Simon is but I’ll be here for the next week! The people that new Simon  have had their life enriched somewhat and that’s something special each and every one will hold close to their hearts for ever. I want to say rest in peace but I don’t think this term is appropriate for you Simon because I know where ever you are you won’t be resting you will be that same bright bubbly kid that’s just full of energy. So what I will say is keep going hard where ever you maybe just like you did down here.

Noho runga a-matou hoa