Sunday, June 24, 2012

Stomper Review.

This year I have been lucky enough to have liquid logic come on board to help me out with my kayaking adventures. Having paddle the Jefe for a session a few years back I was keen to get my hands on the new Stomper. So after a few runs in it I thought I would put up a review of the things I have found so far. (Sorry for the lack of action photos as it is now winter here in New Zealand so getting out of your boat to take photos is a big ask!)

The stomper has some serious speed behind it I found once in the rapids things were coming thick and fast but this combined with its ability to pass through any feature without out losing speed has to be a real positive. With speed comes the ability for the boat to “spin out” But I have found that the boat holds it line pretty well so far. This is due to the primary and secondary edges are well balanced and hold you in place.

Boofing this thing is a dream, one stroke and you are sailing through the air and upon landing it holds its momentum quite well. I found after landing boofs you have quite a lot of control, you  land on an edge and the boat will keep tracking on that edge where as in boat I have paddled in the past you would have to land then head to where you want to go.

When out on my last trip I chucked some rocks in the back to see what it was like fully loaded but with a lot of volume in the tail the boat held its own and performed well. When fully load I busted out a few rolls and it had a really nice snap to it and it rolled very easily. This was the first thing my mate said to me when he was trying the stopmer out.

Just a short review but will post more action picture some spring!

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Anonymous said...

I am 104kg and have just gotten into kayaking wud this kayak be good for me?

jared mitchell said...

Hey if i was you i would go for the 90 as the 80 mite be a bit to small for you. Good luck

Anonymous said...

Where do I get the 'Class Five Designs' model? How is it different? The dealers in NZ said they don't get them.

jared mitchell said...

Hey i am not to sure what you are on about? could you explain more in depth?

jared mitchell said...
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Anonymous said...

The kayak you have a photo of in your blog has the Class Five Designs written on it. That is what I was on about.

jared mitchell said...

Oh yep haha nar they are just stickers mate. The boat is just the normal stomper 80 will be selling this one in a few weeks if you are in New Zealand and keen?