Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Last Call

Today one of New Zealand’s most famous drops has gone and I can’t see it coming back any time soon. The Arahura has changed somewhat since the release of Graham Charles’ White Water Guide. The 2008 flood took out what is known as Dent Fall’s, causing the huge rock on the left hand side to fall into the main drop. Curtain Call was one of New Zealand’s most recognised drops.
I could almost guarantee that everyone who has been into the Arahura would have a picture tucked away somewhere of themselves running this wee gem. The huge rock on river right, that formed the drop, has fallen in and formed a funky wee curler thingy. There have also been other changes to another three or four rapids, most of which are for the better, like with dent falls.

I am not too sure if anyone has run it since the 2008 floods, but it now goes. However, you need a medium to high flow and it is still a stout drop with sieves on both sides of you. It starts off with a small boof on the centre left, after this you have a wee bit of time to gather your thoughts before entering the crux of the move.

A five foot boof pushes towards the perfectly situated sieve on river left. You need to run this hard right with a big boof, upon landing avoid the rock and head back to the centre right then off the main falls.I’m unsure whether the changes to the river are from the recent earthquake, the winter floods, or a combination of the both. However, because of the changes, you may want to pop your head around the corner before bombing into anything.

Here is a picture of Keith riley running air mail on the upper kakapotahi the day before