Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Crooked

With the feel of spring in the air and the boys inching to do some paddling Jamie butters and my self headed to the coast for a couple of days first on the list was the crooked. The crooked in the passed hasn’t had the best rep with CPIT students but hey that’s a whole different story. The walk! Well if you haven’t been in there it probably one of the best walk-ins, (HA year rite) you should do it. Knee high mud and steep banks to craw up provided some of the days best entertainment. Water levels were a little low but all in all a grate day.

From here we headed to hoki and meet up with the 2nd year boys to hit up the styx.

Sorry for lack of action shots but here are some pictures of the crooked

jamie chilln 10min into the walk

jamie getting it done

jamie and but but laping up the rays

oooooooooo year

yep thats a whole heap of mud