Thursday, May 2, 2013


Stoked to get some gears from Stacked Clothing can wait for there winter range to come in. If you haven't checked these guys out you should head over to there page they represent more than just a label which I love. They sell worldwide so get amongst

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Summer Time Blues

Well summer here in New Zealand has finally came to an end. We had a mixed bag of weather all over the country with huge floods over the New Year period and then drouths for the next three months. The mixed weather had us driving all over the country from Nevis runs in the south to a Karamea run in the north. Its now getting a little fresh with the first snow falling on the top so time to dust off the skis and gear up for what is meant to be a cold winter. A big thanks to Liquid Logic Kayaks, Artistic and Stacked Clothing. Be sure to check them out buy hitting their link on the side of the page. Here is wee clip I chucked together of a few of the better runs this summer.  Hit the link below

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The Nevis River

 Who would have thought on the 12th of January the nevis river would be flowing! Well it was and we got it! Draining the Garvie and Hector mountain range the Nevis River drops steeply through amazing Otago countryside on its 16 km journey to meet the Kawarau river. If you like your creekin' on the steep side of very then this is the river for you. Make sure you pack your elbow pads!! It is the best in the region and offers some of the sickest, consistent hard boating in the country. There are so many drops and rapids on this wee gem.

Good racks go a long way

The Run starts off with mellow start. You get about 2.5 km or so of boogie water to warm up on and get the blood flowing before a manky rapid just above the obvious Slot Gorge which is a “mandatory” portage. (But in saying that Nick fired it up) Some people say to throw you boats and go others say take the hit on a flat landing as there are some shallow rock below as one of the american boys found out the day before. He decided to take the advice of one of the boys who doesn't have the best track record of jumping off stuff and ended up smashing his ankle is three places. So that ended in the team walking out, choppers getting called and ending Peacher New Zealand trip. 

Boat Brake, Ankle Brake! Sam doing his best to avoid both

After this, this is where things really start to kick off with everything from ledge drops to long combination rapids and tight technical drops. Heading in with a crew that new the run was a huge bonus as we bomb our way down.

Jared getting down in double drop

After getting to a BIG horizon you see the river literally drop away from underneath you, this is lunch rapid. This is where we meet the other crew who had to walk in to get there boats from the day before. Lunch Rapid defiantly has line and it has been fired up before, I think last by Dlyan Thompson but this bad boy definitely rates high on the stout scale.

The boys heading off into the beautiful  Nevis Vally after lunch

Below here you have 700m or so of continued steep before a quiet wee stretch for 200m which leads into the last STEEP section. The river drops like a staircase through the “Brothers” section Little and Big Bro. Theres are the last two rapids of the steep section. And what better way to end with sweet 15 footer.

Sam and Jared getting the job done on little Bro

What better way to end a run! Nick Murphy Celebrates by going big on Big Bro  

Sunday, January 6, 2013


Well I know its been a bit dry here lately but there is a good reason for that.... I haven't been doing anything! Well thats not entirely true I have been up to a bit but nothing worth write home about as such. So on July 6th 2012 I undertook my second shoulder operation the operation involved a right shoulder revision posterosuperior repair and decompression, supraspinatus repair and soft tissue decompression of the subacromial space. If you are like me and don't have a clue what that means then I will explain it to you like my surgeon explained it to me …. its Fucked! So with that taking up 6 months of my life I am now back on the West Coast living and trying to find a job. So if you have and jobs going anywhere let me know I am all ears! Here are a few snaps of what has been going on I have been back in my boat for about two weeks now and working my way back up. Stay tuned for some more regular updates. Chur

First day back in the boat 

Life is good on the Karamea
( Jump over to my videos page to check out the Karamea in action)

A bit of Gopro Action

A screen grab from Postmans on the upper kakas 

Giving the mail some air. One of the best flows 

For people that have paddled on the West Coast or been here they will know it can rain a bit here are some picture the latest downpour 

The Whanganui River pumping 

The "Vally"

For people that have paddle the styx river this is the road to it 

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Stomper Review.

This year I have been lucky enough to have liquid logic come on board to help me out with my kayaking adventures. Having paddle the Jefe for a session a few years back I was keen to get my hands on the new Stomper. So after a few runs in it I thought I would put up a review of the things I have found so far. (Sorry for the lack of action photos as it is now winter here in New Zealand so getting out of your boat to take photos is a big ask!)

The stomper has some serious speed behind it I found once in the rapids things were coming thick and fast but this combined with its ability to pass through any feature without out losing speed has to be a real positive. With speed comes the ability for the boat to “spin out” But I have found that the boat holds it line pretty well so far. This is due to the primary and secondary edges are well balanced and hold you in place.

Boofing this thing is a dream, one stroke and you are sailing through the air and upon landing it holds its momentum quite well. I found after landing boofs you have quite a lot of control, you  land on an edge and the boat will keep tracking on that edge where as in boat I have paddled in the past you would have to land then head to where you want to go.

When out on my last trip I chucked some rocks in the back to see what it was like fully loaded but with a lot of volume in the tail the boat held its own and performed well. When fully load I busted out a few rolls and it had a really nice snap to it and it rolled very easily. This was the first thing my mate said to me when he was trying the stopmer out.

Just a short review but will post more action picture some spring!

Check out www. for more info


Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Liquid Logic

I am stoked to announce that liquid Logic Kayaks are now  one of my sponsors. A huge thanks to liquid Logic and, be sure to check out there page for a awesome range of boats.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Whats Been Going On!

I know its been a long time since I updated this page but I have been busy with a new job and also doing a bit of travel in my time off. So here are a few picture of what I have been up to in the last wee wile. Also I have add a video page so go and check that out! Peace out

The Crew getting ready for the world cup final

Its all go ... watching the boys bring it home! 
Working hard with year 12 ODP

These next shots are taken at Te oka bay about an hour from Christchurch.
if you want good surf and even better sea food then Te oka bay is
the place to be  

A bit of sit on top action 

The little buggers trying to steal your food

In January myself and a few mates headed to South East Asia to see what it was all about
we spent about a mouth tripping around laos, Vietnam and Cambodia. You can make your
own mind up to how the trip went but needless to say..... Five boys. South East Asia,  Cheep Beer
and a bloody good night life..... Smiles all round!

Local whiskey anyone! Word on the street was that a few people have carked from drinking
this brew.  

These are the bars that line the river and they are pumping all day long. You just
swim from one bar to the next... life is just too easy here!
Heaps of room! A high class bus trip in Vietnam  on our way to
Ha Long Bay lucky it was only for five hours!

The boys letting lose on the scooters

Fire in the hole!

Loving the warm water of Cambodia 

The high life 

This is a wee creek that flows out the back the family house on the West Coast .
Taking my sis and her boyfriend on a christmas eve paddle. 
The West Coast icon to the left of my boat "The White Heron" 

Castle Hill is about 50min from Christchurch and is one of the best
bouldering places in New Zealand. 
And also just a cool place to hang out

One of my favorite place in the world. The Arahura valley  

And when you get to the top Newton hut awaits  you .

I know these is no Kayaking picture this douse not mean i have not been boating i have just left the camera at home when it comes to paddling and have picked up the video camera instead. So go check out the latest video at the tab at the top of the page. Enjoy