Saturday, March 21, 2009


Well, what can I say about this place if I was to describe it in one word I couldn’t so don’t ask all I can say is that it is a must do you can make it as hard or easy as you want.

tonga island

With a strong crew we were keen to go where no cpit crew had dared beforerite to the top (mutton cove). Day one was around 15km which in sea kayaking terms is quite along way around about four hours following the coastline. This part of the leg was a grate introduction to what Able Tasman had to offer from rugged coast lines to peaceful bays.

Day two was another big day up to Mutton cove rite at the top of the east coast of the south island. The day started with another amazing sunrise caped off with our first introduction to the seal colony on Tonga Island the day could not have got any better from here once again followed the stunning coastline rite to mutton cove just in time to get the tents up and enjoy the warm water before tucking into a feed.

Shag Harbor
a kick ass sting ray
Day Three bigger than the pervious day we started with a walk to separation point then back down to camp with 17km ahead of us and knowing that bad weather was approaching we had to bust a move down the coast line and then back into Tonga Island where the seals were really putting on a show. With the weather really giving it to us we paddled for shelter in mosquito bay.

Making Kava "nz style"

Day Four from mosquito bay apple tree bay was a day filled with everything the weather could offer from cloud swept sky’s to a mad mile. The day was long but yet one of the better with a trip into Cleopatra fall for a nice cool swim and crashing waves, high winds what more could you ask for, for a white water paddler. Arriving at apple tree bay where the famous wheeler cheese cake was severed with white wine. the top of the southDay five was the shortest of the days with a five o’clock wake up call and on the water by six we set sail for Marahau paddling in the dark and watching the sun rise over you shoulder was something to withhold. Arriving at Marahau at around seven just in time for the high tied.

heading for home