Sunday, August 28, 2011

Bring On Summer

 Well there hasn't been much happing here on the paddling front as things have been a tad to cold and the motivation to get out on the flat water when there is a foot of snow around is very low. The shoulder is still on the mend, not 100% but that will be wile away yet fingers cross ill be up and running by summer. So with the kayak tucked away in the shed for the mean time it was time to don on the boots and head into the hills to look for some new runs. Of the five runs three of them looked “good to go” with a bit of rain and there are another four still in the bank waiting to get cheeked out ill keep you posted. Along with a bit of hiking there as also be a whole bunch of riding being done in and around the Southern Alps. I am now in Wanaka on teaching placement and making the most of the snow wile it last. The school is about 40 minutes from the school gate to the top of the mountain and thats were we will be found most afternoons. Being an outdoor ed teacher at this school is a dream job!
Here are some pictures from what I have been up to lately enjoy.

 Lake Wanaka

 The trails in Wanaka are not to bad 

 The day after a big snow fall.......

Trying to stay warm in the pisa range 

 Shitting with a sunset 

 Hard at work 

 Dayna checking out some lines in the back country  

Its all good