Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Mystic Ridge

With the weekend approaching but but, scotty and myself decided to head into the hill in search of what ever we can get our hands on armed with a 7mil 08, 223, and the most famous mystic ridge we new she was going to be a goodie . well on the mystic ridge front anyway , well here some pic enjoy setting off

scotty and me day one

myself day 2

camp day 1

Sunday, August 3, 2008


with storms smashing the country side, texts flying back and forth and some one pulling a sicky not naming names, the okuku was all go, on the thus the old girl got up over 200 cfs , with the normal flow being around 3 to 4 cfs we decided to put it off till Friday and it was well worth it. With the river flowing around the 55/60 mark we new we were in for a good day but we had one small problem a shuttle driver hmmm (Hannah " year ill do, year sure ") turns out she wasn't a big game player (wrap it up) any way my good old mate smithy pulled through as we only told him it was an hour shuttle, woops sorry smithy we may have lied lol,
upon arriving we found the okuku at a good flow , as i had dune it the week before so kind of new what to expect but the river was about 15 to 20 cfs at a gess higher . it starts off with some fun class 3 boating until u get to the 1st gorge where the first main rapid awaits. with gus optioning to walk myself Chee and Murphy hit the sucker up the river then continues with some class 3+ wave trains/big holes. things start picking up as you enter the 2nd gorge with some nice long class 4 rapids we enter the first crux raped. hey gus eddy out bro! with gus running it first with out an option and living on a paryer made it down. with some cool rapids to come before the big one ,fun was had .arriving at the hardest raped we jumped out for a look it fair to say shit was big, some massive holes and huge waves Murphy and my self ran that shit after this the river starts to flatten out and we arrive safe and sound.
big ups to smithy for driving thanks bro and thanks for a good day out boys .