Thursday, June 5, 2008

Queens birthday mission
After a bit of humming and haa-ing, Jarrod, Dave(our American friend), Ben and Butters decided there could be no better way to spend the Queens 'b' day than boating. We headed over to the coast with the intentions of running the styx on the Sunday and a fly in on the Monday. However we ended up doing two missions on the styx.....Dando's chopper got driven into by a house bus at full noise. Dam tourists!!!!

Butbut lining up the grind

Jared busting the grind

Anyway we managed to walk into the styx (with a large amount of moaning from Butters) to start with. Then on the second day it was Jared turn to moan due to the dent in the front of the magnum. Jug of hot water bro?...The water was low but the trip was still sweet.

Jared dreaming of Cali