Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Virgins all around

As all good kayak trips are plan over a beer or ten the night before some off the boys were keen to get some coast action before heading home for the summer holidays. So with a plan in hand and a bunch of Arahura virgins what more could you ask for. So after a bloody good hungi and a big night we set sail for a Sunday/Monday trip. Sunday we trotted on into the styx to brush off the cob webs as a few of us hadn’t been in a boat for a while. The flow was a little on the low side but hey it’s the styx. The call was made to dando for a 9.30 am pick up nerves’ were flying high for some of the boys as this was their first major heli trip. Being last to the put in and flying above the boys I could see that they were keen to go and drop some shit so were proceeded on down for a great day out. Chur boys

Aaron droping the last drop of billiards

myself on billiards

Joshy hitting Billiards

myself on curtain call

Joshy on the first drop of the day, Aaron watching hows its done

Joshy fired this bad boy first and after making it look easy i gave it a go