Thursday, February 11, 2010

Summer loving happend so fast.....

Well the Coast has had it all this summer from the 3 biggest floods that its seen in awhile to it beeing as dry as a nuns c#%t. These flows have offered many different runs from big water Arahura and RGC to your stock standed coast runs.
For me January was a month of boating with no job to tie me down many styx trips and other walking were ticked off and off course the odd fly in. February has been a bit of a low as I have done my shoulder in "shagged the A.C" but nothing the odd roid injuction won"t fix. I have also have landed my self a job at Westland high school teaching year 12 and 13 kids to kayak so time is at at a loss but hay i am still kayaking and getting payed for it what more could you want.
check some shots out of whats been happing in this neck of the woods I think most of them are taken by Barny Young
Cheeking out R.G.C but she was a bit low to run
Barny Young climbing up the left hand side just shows
how steep this bad boy is.

Dlyan Thompson on postmans on the upper kakas

Keith Riley on the slide drop upper kakas

Myself getting it done

Keith Riley and Dylan Thopson fighting it
out on the upper kakas

Barny Young droping air mail

JJ shepherd doing what he does best

Cess pit at full tit

Don't swim on a BIG Arahura, Brandon gets it wrong

and yes that is a SLR and yes it is F$%ked.

This the only shot we got for the day shit was moving way to fast

Ben Bralow "nose up" was the call for the day

Myself on the Witcombe river

Eddie Murphy hitting a sweet boof

This was one of the 2 best boofs of the day. Come down

around the bend hit the kicker and set sail.

Zac shaw and Jordy Searle on the ever changing

landslide rapid.

B-rain showing how not to do it

I love this shot. Shannon Mast geting his boof on